среда, 25 сентября 2013 г.

another hateschool post

my teachers always talks i`m little genius,
but very lazy, agressive and freethinking,
they talk: that`s why i`ve always got horrible mistakes
WHAT??? :D
may be i`ve got hypnotizing look...
i don`t know :"D
this year it`s really lacks of interesting people..
all of them so fucking similar (my classmates), i can`t remember their names.

среда, 28 августа 2013 г.


then i`m reading negative reviews or opinions about my favourite films, 
i undrstand, i wouldn`t like to know more about people, than i can fantasized about them personally
Шикарно: серый город с высоты птичьего полёта, костюмы, унылая атмосфера, одинокий писатель, похожий на Тома Фелтона, инцест, щедевр с:


"My mother thinks i`ve got mental problems."
"По разным причинам, я предпочитаю быть один. Так у меня есть возможность подумать."
it`s me!! (:
then i`ve watching this film, i was surprised,
Tate (i like his surname more, than name Oliver) talks, thinks about the same things i do.

четверг, 17 января 2013 г.


i`ve delited part of my life here. 1 year. 156 posts. and i didn`t feel anything. just delited every post. it was not the best time of my life, so i wanted it long ago. sorry me, new readers, who will never know about my earlier life posts. i wanna start it again..